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PGA Professional Golf Coaches


It could be the most productive half hour of your golfing life


Improvement is possible ......

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At Swing Check Golf Academy we pride ourselves on total professionalism, which is why we only employ fully qualified Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Golf Pros, who come to us trained to the highest standard.


We don’t believe in stopping there, though, and our own in-house training is continuous. Even the Pros have golf lessons ......


We are here to improve your golf, and our coaching is based around the need for structured tuition and effective practice.


For that reason, our coaching plans come in building blocks of 6 x 30 minute lessons, usually taken once a week, to allow practice time in between. This is the minimum length of time you need to invest, in order to see  a significant, lasting improvement to your swing. Don’t waste your money on anything less.


We don’t make extravagant or unrealistic claims.


We do have the experience and knowledge to take your game to another level


We do guarantee results, whatever your age and ability!


We do love to give fun and enjoyable lessons


We look forward to seeing you at Swing Check Golf Academy




The PGA Golf Pros at Swing Check Golf Academy:




Alistair Hardaway    Director of Golf


Peter Hollington      PGA Golf Professional

What our customers say ...........



As a long standing Head National Coach for an Olympic Sport (3 Olympics and 6 Commonwealth Games) I understand and appreciate what makes the difference between a good coach and an outstanding coach. Without doubt, Alistair Hardaway is one of the latter.


Whilst his depth of knowledge is unquestioned, what makes him exceptional is his professionalism and the enthusiasm that he brings to his coaching.

 My wife, who is the golfer in our family, has had two coaches in her golfing life, John Jacobs and Alistair Hardaway. She has benefited greatly from being taught by Alistair. His understanding, encouragement and coaching skills have helped her game considerably.

He possesses that invaluable ability to tailor stance, swing and technique according to the individual’s physiological status.

I whole heartedly and unreservedly recommend Alistair to any golfer who wishes to improve their scoring and consistency (a vital aspect of any sport!)


Tom Redhead, Olympic Coach




Alistair has been teaching me for the past three years, and during that time my handicap has reduced by 8 shots. His coaching methods suit me, as he is patient, understanding, clear and direct in his explanation of the lessons. He encourages and praises where it is due, but also offers constructive criticism when necessary.
I have gained an enormous amount of confidence in my golf thanks to Alistair, and he has certainly helped me to develop my game, so much so that in 2009 I became Lady Captain of Oak Park Golf Club. 


Lucy Church